Locally sourced goodness

Remember when food was local? You got your meat from John the butcher and your fruit and vege from Joyce’s orchard stall. 

No, you probably don’t - it’s been a while. 

Self service at the supermarkets is sadly the new John. The trainee at the supermarket - the new Joyce. So we’re taking a step back in order to take a leap forward.

We’re talking local food, from local people. A 7 day farmers market where apples don’t have to be the perfect shape or perfect colour, they just have to be damn tasty. 

That’s the bottom line. 

We’ll tell you where your beef comes from, who caught your fish; heck, we’ll even give you the perfect ingredients to go with it.

We don’t just pick the stuff - we know the stuff.

We think that’s pretty good, so we’ve called ourselves Good Grocer. 

It is what it is - Honest, simple, locally sourced goodness.

Fresh food at the right price. Local products. Helpful staff and not a self-service check-out in sight. 

Perfect really. But we’re humble enough to be content with good.


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