Locally sourced goodness

Our Fruit & Vege Story

We love the fact that we can supply you with fresh fruit and vegetables directly from our own farm in Kumeu. We take daily deliveries of our produce and aim to have our crops in-store within 24 hours of being harvested. 

What we don’t grow ourselves, we source from local farmers with whom we have developed strong and personal relationships.

We believe it’s more important that your fruit and vegetables taste good than look good, which is why we accept and actively promote what some organisations refer to as ‘imperfect’ or ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables. Shiny, waxed fruit and vegetables that have been through chemical washes have no place at the Good Grocer. We’d rather supply you with a better tasting product with no additives, just as nature intended.

We will tell you what’s good for roasting, what’s good for jamming, or simply what’s good for eating raw. We will even tell you what day your carrots were pulled from the soil or when your limes were picked from their tree. 

To learn more about where our fruit and vegetables come from visit the Our Farmers section under Our Stories.