Locally sourced goodness

Our Gelato Story

One of life’s greatest pleasures is a gelato at the beach, which is why we’re stoked to team up with the guys from Milse to bring Auckland’s best scoop gelato and gelato sticks to the eastern suburbs!

Like everything else in our store, we use only the freshest seasonal ingredients to make our gelato. For starters, we only use fresh New Zealand dairy (unlike that American brand that’s opened up in Ponsonby). There are no powders, no bases, no additives and no preservatives. 

Why does it taste so good? Because all of our gelato flavours are made from scratch by trained and qualified professionals. Whether it’s the mint picked fresh from our farm or the morning delivery of feijoas, we use real ingredients so you can taste the smooth, full bodied texture and flavour of traditionally-made gelato.

We only ever make small batches at a time to ensure freshness and quality in each and every stick or scoop.

Our sorbets are 100% fat free, dairy free and often contain one of the five essential daily food groups! And because we use less cream than ice cream, our dairy flavours have a low fat content.

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