Locally sourced goodness

Our Meat Story

We source whole, pasture-fed livestock directly from a small and select number of New Zealand farmers with whom we have exceptional relationships. All of our farmers are committed to sustainable farming practices and all of our animals live their lives outside, roaming freely in family groups upon lush pastures.

We are firm believers that there is an intrinsic link between the environment in which an animal is cared for and how it tastes, which is why it’s important for us to know that our animals enjoy a well-nourished life grazing upon some of the most picturesque and fertile land in the country.

We have a responsibility to respect the care exercised by our farmers and pay homage to the animal by working only with whole bodies, using artisanal methods to craft the meat and utilise all cuts.

All the meat we sell can be traced back to its origin, and every claim we make can be substantiated either by us, the farmer or the appropriate certifying organisation.

To learn more about our meat visit the Our Farmers section under Our Stories.