Locally sourced goodness


All of our farmers are committed to sustainable farming practices - our animals live their lives outside, roaming freely in family groups upon lush pastures. That is no different for the lumbering beasts that provide us with our beautiful buffalo milk and a selection of artisan cheeses.

Phil Armstrong farms a herd of happy water buffalo in the quiet, lush Whangaripo Valley. The area provides a perfect habitat for the buffalo to produce the beautifully full and rich milk that we are proud to offer you. Phil keeps things simple, the way they are meant to be. The farm doesn't use sprays or chemicals, giving it an abundance of symbiotic wildlife with insect pests being controlled by wild turkeys, quail, and pheasants.

Just like our meat, we firmly believe in the link between the environment in which an animal is cared for and how it tastes. The same goes for our buffalo milk - we are confident that Phil and his methods respect this belief. And we are sure that you will taste the care that has been taken.