Locally sourced goodness


Susie Wright and her family moved onto their 10 acres in Athenree nine years ago - until the move, Susie hadn't even eaten a feijoa. Luckily for us, she's developed a love for not only eating the wonderful fruit, but growing it as well. 

During the season, Susie harvests first thing in the morning by hand, as the ripe fruit fall off the tree from the warmth of the sun. The warm, sea-side climate coupled with incredibly rich soil provides an ideal location for the feijoa orchard. 

Being an expert at growing and eating the fruit, Susie naturally has a fantastic feijoa recipe of her own. Behold, the feijoa growers feijoa crumble.

Here is Susie's recipe for an awesome feijoa crumble

75 grams butter
1/2 cup plain flour
1/4 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup brown sugar
12 ripe feijoas
3 apples (stewed)

Scoop out the feijoas and mix together in a bowl with the stewed apples.

In another bowl, mix the rolled oats, brown sugar and softened butter together.

Put the feijoa/apple mix in an oven proof dish and top with the crumble mix.

Bake on about 150 degrees for around 30-40 minutes. Once the juicy feijoas are oozing out from underneath and the top is golden, it’s good to go!

Serve with the Good Grocer's vanilla bean gelato!