Locally sourced goodness

Who are we?

The Good Grocer is Auckland’s first all local 7-day farmers’ market, providing fresh, seasonal produce direct from either our own farm in Kumeu, or from growers with whom we have close relationships. We’re talking the highest quality, fresh, nutritious, locally - sourced produce our great country has to offer.

The Good Grocer, part of successful Auckland hospitality provider Hipgroup, is definitely not your ordinary supermarket or gourmet grocery. For starters, we don’t import. Everything we sell is 100% New Zealand made, grown or raised. What’s more, we are so serious about traceability and provenance that we can tell the story behind each and every one of our products. Want to know where your beef is from or who caught your fish? Or what day your apples were picked and eggs were laid? You’ll find all that information and more at the Good Grocer.

And guess what? There won’t be a self-service check-out in sight. The Good Grocer has friendly, passionate and knowledgeable staff who you can actually have a conversation with and develop a relationship.